A Data Product Builder, with TerminusDB hosting.

DFRNT provides an easy to use data product builder and modeller that helps you create accurate, visual and colourful knowledge graphs and digital twins.

The bounded knowledge graph model is fully type-checked, follows RDF semantics and exposes both datalog and JSON-LD document APIs for schema, queries and updates.

Easy to get started with, makes what is complex approachable.


Modelling hyperconnected graph data products

Don't know where to start? No problem.

With the DFRNT data product builder, it is easier to create accurate data products. We worked hard to make it easier and more visual to build TerminusDB graph data products. We help you structure a correct data model for your content and provide type templates to help.

The TerminusDB Hosting is included in the professional subscription and enables git-for-data workflows with data products. The hosting is provided professionally in close collaboration with the TerminusDB team.

The built in data structure modeller helps you build type taxonomies and ontologies collaboratively and visually using a type-checked RDF knowledge graph with a JSON-LD digital document user interface. In addition, you can use the document API, data table importer and the WOQL datalog engine to perform knowledge graph analytics, updates and reasoning.

You can start simple with simple connected records, writing Markdown as Wiki-styled content, and then add properties to your records as you learn to leverage the advanced type model and build hyperconnected graph data products. You also have a sandbox to test with.

Once you master types (documents), traits (subdocuments) and enums (enumerations) in your data types, you are only limited by your ability to see the world as data structures and make accurate digital representations of it.

Below is a simple example of a visual graph canvas, with each record type represented as a colour. It shows Expected Outcomes for a company, their links to Sustainable Development Goals, which in turn are connected to Agenda 2030 as the Long Term Plan.

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