Visual Graph Data Collaboration,Leveraging TerminusDB.

The visual data collaboration platform for storing structured documents and ontologies as semantic knowledge graphs. Currently in public beta.

Easy to get started with, makes what is complex approachable.

Modelling hyperconnected data

Don't know where to start? No problem.

With DFRNT, you get simple templates to start your TerminusDB journey, to help structure your content. You can start with simple connected records with Markdown content, and then add properties as you learn to leverage the type model.

Once you master types, traits and enums in your data types, you are only limited by your ability to see the world in data structures.

Below is a simple example visual canvas example. It shows Expected Outcomes for a company, their links to Sustainable Development Goals, which in turn are connected to Agenda 2030.

Screenshot of, the Collaborative Semantic Knowledge Graph platform

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Research, advisory and analysis

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