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DFRNT is a consultancy that helps customers establish direction, structure and the ability to change. We focus on the intersection between Human Behaviour, Strategy Execution, and Cybersecurity and Business Architecture.

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Navigating unchartered waters

Don't know where to start? No problem.

We're here to help. Together, we build enough structure to get the initiative started, and can leverage technology to deal with visualisation and complexity where it helps. We bring methods, expertise and craft necessary to help map, visualize and collaborate on emergent knowledge along impact journeys.

Screenshot of, the Collaborative Semantic Knowledge Graph platform
A changemaker in her office

Made for changemakers

Our typical client is a changemaker responsible to drive change. Usually in business capabilities of large, often global, enterprises, and sometimes in smaller businesses too.

We know how to support and help drive strategy execution to bring lasting change. Clients choose us because of the ability to understand both business and technical domains and engage effectively in both.

We work closely with our clients to bring sustained change through new organisational behaviours, necessary enterprise structures, and robust technological foundations.

The work we do is knowledge intensive and often research-orientated. As we learn together, there is often a need to map large sets of information and visualize how the dots are connected. We are launching a collaborative, interoperable and open platform specifically tailored to organisational knowledge needs of changemakers.

Research, advisory and analysis


For your next initiative

We are here for changemakers like you. Let's explore perspectives together and how we can help you bring impact in current and upcoming challenges.

DFRNT® by ChangeAbility AB - Made for changemakers

We equip changemakers to make an impact.

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