The Data Product Builder for Logical Twins.

Tired of fighting messy data? So were we.

We guide you to high quality portable stuctured information.

  1. Model your logical twins with clarity
  2. Add facts, rules and datalog logic
  3. Collaborate, visualise and share.

Say goodbye to clunkyness, and say hello to a better way.

Modelling logical twins

Tired of your tabular data? No problem.

We enable the transition from tabular data to model-based business information object. It enables better information collaboration and safe to edit workspaces through "git-like" moves for model-based information. With our intuitive product, we enable you to easily structure and process information as accurate, visual and effective linked data in hypergraph in no time.

Proper governance needs great tooling
You get a semantic data model with collaboration features like branching, cloning, and merging of data so you can move fast, experiment and simulate the future without breaking things. True collaboration, all the way down to the data layer!
Built-in TerminusDB hosting
Our semantic data product hosting for logical twins is provided professionally in close collaboration with TerminusDB. We license their open source knowledge graph engine used as the base platform. You can even run TerminusDB on your machine for offline use cases and keep local logical twin copies through our data portability layer.
Ontology, logic, taxonomy and data together
The built in data structure modeller helps you build type taxonomies and ontologies collaboratively and visually. The schema uses a type-checked and verified RDF knowledge graph, with a document-oriented JSON-LD interface. Of course it has APIs, with a GraphQL and datalog engine to reason with too, and logical metadata!
Be more effective, keep it simple, save time
Start simple with built-in templates and simple connected getting started logical twin. Use data-driven forms and YAML instead of JSON-LD when you author Markdown as Wiki-styled content. DFRNT logical twins cover use cases up to and including advanced enterprise semantic knowledge graphs. But works for any linked data, like how we use DFRNT as a CMS for our own blog content, categories and links.
Research, advisory and analysis

Next Steps

Let's get started!

Getting started with DFRNT is easy. We include everything you need to get started with your first graph data product.

The DFRNT modeller will help you build, collaborate and distribute semantic data products on your own, and export visualisations, definitions and data.

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