A Visual Data Product Builder

We help changemakers build digital boundary objects. Shared digital artifacts that enables effective digital communication across teams, silos and organisations.

In a way, we provide digital liminal space. For data products and data models that help us navigate from what is, to what will be; using accurate and bounded data in visual and digital form.


Visual Data Product Collaboration

We want to make changemakers and teams that change the world successful. For that they need to collaborate globally, to experiment, prototype and collaborate both visually and digitally on accurate datasets. We all have a love/hate relationship with spreadsheet software like Excel and know the feeling of wanting to connect data beyond the tabular structure.

We also know how what does not fit in Excel and Word ends up as Mural, Powerpoint, Visio (!), and other visualisation canvases because we seldom have tools that are both visual and data-driven. We also know that maintenance of such visualisations is often an after-thought and very hard to get right.

What we aim for, is to enable free-form data-driven visual collaboration, based on graph document structures in data products, a problem space we have named the Diamond Data Problem.

DFRNT provides the visual collaboration platform that teams need when adopting a semantic knowledge graph approach to data product modelling.

Easy to get started with, makes what is complex approachable.

Technology and complexity

The current decade is marked by hyperconvergence of technologies. The exponential rate of change becomes ever more apparent and so is the need to deal with complexity. All our digitalisation efforts will require accurate data. Not big data. Good data.

Dealing with complexity and digitalisation means data modelling quickfixes and shortcuts won't work anymore. The importance of encoding knowledge accurately will not cease. With complexity growing, the need to model the world as it is increases accordingly.

With DFRNT we seek to enable teams to accurately model and iterate how to bring impact and change, combined with ease of collaboration between changemakers.

In collaboration with TerminusDB, the DFRNT Modeller a first leap on a long journey ahead. We hope for impact similarly to how git changed the world of software engineering.

The ability to collaborate on data

The DFRNT SaaS platform is where teams create, host and query accurate data products that represent real-world complexities accurately.

It leverages the open source TerminusDB engine for an open graph backend. Supports git-for-data workflows, state-of-the-art data modelling with composable semantic graph data structures for ontologies and taxonomies, including multiple inheritance in the ontology schema properties of the document-orientated RDF graph. The datalog graph query engine for typed data is the cherry on top, for when you need to go deep.

DFRNT helps you visualise and think about data and use it effectively in digital workflows using relevant APIs. It helps you collaborate and integrate your up-to-date shared data structures with zero data model vendor lock-in. We find TerminusDB to be a great fit for the emerging paradigm as the pendulum swings back from full cloud adoption; into hybrid cloud approach where offline and online co-exist.

Benefits of the DFRNT platform

With DFRNT: democratic, open and visual access to data becomes a choice, internally, externally and cross-organisation. The DFRNT and TerminusDB combination is an excellent foundation to connect with and for harnessing advanced data models.

We recommend DFRNT for challenges like data governance, strategy execution, decision science datasets, OKRs, impact graphs, GRC (governance, risk and compliance), Cybersecurity and other organisational data challenges that requires accurate data. We also believe our modelling capability is a great fit for ML Ops and similar domains where data curation is key.

Research, advisory and analysis

Next Steps

Let's get started!

Getting started with DFRNT is easy. We include everything you need to get started with your first graph data product.

The DFRNT modeller will help you build, collaborate and distribute semantic data products on your own, and export visualisations, definitions and data.

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