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Philippe Höij

Philippe Höij

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We're launching our SaaS platform where teams create, host and query accurate data products that represent real-world complexities accurately. Leverages the open source TerminusDB engine for an open backend. Supports Git for Data workflows, state-of-the-art data modelling with composable semantic data structures, including multiple inheritance of ontology properties, and with a datalog graph query engine for typed data.

With DFRNT, you get simple templates to start your TerminusDB journey, to help structure your content. You can start with simple connected records with Markdown content, and then add properties as you learn to leverage the type model.

Once you master connections between records of your data products, you are only limited by your ability to express the world in data structures.

You also get access to all the TerminusDB constructs including WOQL to help build data-driven workflows. From there, you can grow your data model and semantic data structures to any complexity.

An ability to collaborate on data

The DFRNT SaaS platform helps teams create, host and query accurate data products that represent real-world complexities accurately.

It leverages the open source TerminusDB engine for an open graph backend. Supports git-for-data workflows, state-of-the-art data modelling with composable semantic graph data structures, including inheritance of ontology properties with a document-orientated graph. The datalog graph query engine for typed data is the cherry on top, for when you need to go deep.

We believe in typed data, and subscribe to the closed-world interpretation OWL, with RDF Triples, that TerminusDB represents. In layman's terms, it means that data that is well-described can be trusted to conform to data semantics, and the data model helps make the distinction between what is sloppy data and accurate data.

DFRNT helps you visualise and think, collaborate and integrate your up to date shared data structures with no data model vendor lock-in; instead of relying on the current paradigm of disconnected systems, wikis, slides and spreadsheets.


This decade will be marked by hyperconvergence of technologies. The exponential rate of change will become ever more apparent and so is the need to deal with complexity. All our digitalisation efforts will require accurate data.

Dealing with complexity and digitalisation means modelling shortcuts won't work anymore. The important of keying knowledge accurately will not cease. As complexity grows, the need to model the world as it is increases accordingly.

With DFRNT we seek to enable accurate modelling of how to bring impact, combined with ease of collaboration between changemakers. Together with TerminusDB, we bring great data product collaboration, similarly to how git changed the world of software engineering.

Keep it simple with DFRNT

When you want to keep it easy, you can just type out an idea in rich text with Markdown in a DFRNT data product, see your ideas as a table, organise your ideas in a tree. But when you need to have multiple perspectives, link data in diamond shapes, and have a Diamond Data Problem, that is when you need the advanced DFRNT platform capabilities.

As we leverage TerminusDB, you are free to integrate your data, and move it between providers. We strive for a fully open data model, free of vendor lock-in, and with multiple data mesh applications interacting with the same data set.

We believe such foundational data model openness drives an industry of innovation. It is how we believe Data Mesh and Data Fabric can be done right in an enterprise, in enabling the organisation to govern both data and models for it with full lineage, providence and the ability to experiment.

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