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Model and Build Data Products with DFRNT, now live with SaaS hosting

The complexities of cross-domain data collaboration can often be daunting and difficult to manage. That’s why we are so excited to announce that our advanced data/ontology modeller, graph visualization, and hosting of TerminusDB graph data products as a SaaS is finally live. Now, digital architects can easily capture, navigate, and visualize complex graph data structures with accuracy and ease.

For professional and personal use

Our 1.0 version and subscriptions were prudently released during autumn at https://dfrnt.com and now finally broadly available. With our platform you’ll have access to an advanced bounded knowledge graph model which is fully type-checked, follows RDF semantics, and exposes both datalog and JSON-LD document APIs for schema, queries, and updates. The model scales from small-scale personal data products all the way up to enterprise data product use cases.

Screenshot of Rusty Gears Inc's risk assessment sample data product

The Apache 2.0 licensed TerminusDB is used as our data model and our data product hosting is professionally maintained by the TerminusDB team so you don’t have to worry about managing or maintaining the complexities of data product storage yourself. Instead you can focus on creating accurate data products that are easy to navigate with help from the intuitive user interface of the DFRNT platform.

We want to make it easier than ever before for digital architects to build accurate data products with correct models, while not having to worry about navigating the complexities of cross-domain data collaboration and type definition divergence.

The examples provided come from the complexities of the cybersecurity domain, yet DFRNT takes on most graph complexity! We challenge you to contact us if you find a business domain you are not able to model with accuracy! The example below is of an advanced type definition with both multiple inheritance and property composition for how a qualitative risk JSON-LD type may be modelled.

Screenshot of Rusty Gears Inc's risk assessment sample data product

Git-for-Data with revisions and branching

Additionally, TerminusDB also provides a secure version control system for all your databases which makes sure you're always ready to rebase your work onto to the most up-to-date version of the data product even when colleagues make updates to the main branch. Or branch out an older version if something goes wrong or a mistake is made during development or in the authoring processes, just like with code.

This means that any changes you make will be tracked carefully with full lineage in order to ensure that your database remains accurate at all times! We believe this feature sets us apart from other platforms as it guarantees peace of mind knowing that your database will remain secure and up to date no matter what happens during development or your editing processes!

Screenshot of a data product with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Security Controls mapped against NIST 800-53r5

We are proud of our advanced data/ontology modeller, graph visualization and hosting services powered by TerminusDB, built with digital architects in mind. Our platform provides an intuitive user interface making it easier than ever before for digital architects to both author and collaborate on accurately typed schema and content for data products in cross-domain collaboration. It includes clone, fetch, push, pull and rebase graph history semantics, we call it git-for-data!

With the features of a secure version control system for graph data products and fully type checked models following RDF semantics there is no doubt that our platform will help digital architects achieve success in their projects! Whether working with complex requirements, multi-dimensional data or finding a better home for those hyperconnected spreadsheets.

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Next Steps

Let's get started!

Getting started with DFRNT is easy. We include everything you need to get started with your first graph data product.

The DFRNT modeller will help you build, collaborate and distribute semantic data products on your own, and export visualisations, definitions and data.

Get started on your DFRNT journey by joining the exclusive waiting list through the link below and we'll set you up for a demo and free trial.

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