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Video of git-for-data with TerminusDB data products

If you're into data, you already know how hard it can be enable cross-organisational data product collaboration. It is harder than it has to be.

We made the data collaboration process lots easier. Watch the video!

Same philosophy as when coding: Edit in multiple places. Merge the results.

Local git for data

TerminusDB git-for-data workflows localhost instances was introduced recently in DFRNT too. As part of the easy-to-use local-first #gitfordata experience with TerminusDB data products (remotes are still in beta) for Semantic Knowledge Graphs.

This means that we support the familiar ways of working with git: with Clone, Rebase, Merge, Push, Branches, etc. They now have equivalents for data collaboration.

Full data lineage

Additionally, this release builds on the full data lineage already browseable in DFRNT that is baked into the TerminusDB data products. Which means data repositories and branches are shareable using push and pull between data products, and between local computers and the cloud 🚀

In this video, we:

  • create a knowledge graph data product
  • add schema to the data product
  • clone it to our localhost TerminusDB instance
  • add a branch
  • add content to the branch
  • use both rebase and merge to collaborate on data between branches
  • push the local changes to a cloud instance (TerminusCMS)

Luke Feeney – TerminusDB co-founder, joined Philippe Höij, DFRNT founder, in exploring the git-for-data capabilities of the DFRNT data product builder SaaS for TerminusDB knowledge graphs.

Not only git-for-data, GraphQL too!

In addition to localhost #gitfordata, the latest DFRNT release (March 2023) also includes a long awaited GraphQL browser (also for localhost), and several additional data model improvements.

Like git and Github, but for knowledge graphs and data ⛅️ With one of the most advanced data modelling capabilities on the planet, for TerminusDB data products.


The video features the publicly released DFRNT SaaS/Freemium product that orchestrates standard TerminusDB knowledge graphs using the #gitfordata model.

This is a testament to the amazing (!!!) and hard work by TerminusDB over the years, in bringing a paradigm shift to how we think of the Semantic Knowledge Graph space 🎩

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